Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A gap in the clouds!!!

Haven't had the scope out a lot recently due to the weather but managed to catch a gap in the clouds on the 20th. Got a few avi's but not great viewing, bloody clouds. Played about a bit more in Gimp, starting to work it out bit by bit. Quite pleased considering i haven't got a clue,LOL.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Rework....Yep, that bored!

The weather has been crap lately, haven't had the scope out for over week due to rain and clouds. Got so BORED that i decided to go through some of the avi's from May. Had a play about with Registax using multi-point alignment then run through Gimp. Found that when i played about with colour balance in gimp, it bought out a bit more detail. I'm quite pleased with this one, i know it's not excellent but i'm definitely learning more about this stacking and processing stuff.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

My first attempt with a 2xbarlow. Took a 30 sec video, aligning had to be a bit more precise. Again stacked in Registax 4 and then contrast and brightness and hue and saturation was fiddled with in Gimp 2.2. Labeled using the Virtual Moon Atlas. I'm very pleased with the result as it really didn't seem to be a good video, the Moon jumping about all over the screen. But once in Registax, went through each frame and manually aligned with the best frame, I was left with a decent image. Slowly learning what all the different functions in Registax do and with playing around found that manual aligning gives better results.

These were all taken with a very basic Kodak easyshare camera held upto a 25mm eyepiece with a 2xbarlow.

First images March and April

These are my first attempts with a webcam. There is no barlow or filters used, just a webcam adapter attached to the lens part of the webcam. Placed webcam into the eyepiece holder, set gain low/down on the webcam settings and fiddled around with brightness until i was happy. Then i took at least a 15 sec video. I have found that roughly polar aligning the scope is quite sufficient for short videos. Video was then stacked in Registax 4 and run through Gimp 2.2.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

My first image with a webcam back in March 2007. Equipment used was Skywatcher 130pm and quickcam cmos webcam. Stacked in Registax and processed in Gimp 2.2