Thursday, 15 November 2007

HD Moving image of the Moon

For roughly a month now the Japanese spacecraft Kaguya or also known as Selene, has been orbiting the Moon at an altitude of 62 miles to re-create the image that Apollo 11 took, Earth-rise. Well, they have gone one better and managed to get a High Definition version, Earth-set, along with a moving image. They are breathe taking, just shear beauty. Here are a few links for some of the images and the movie.The title is also a link to an article on spacespot. Enjoy...

Friday, 9 November 2007

Retry at the Rosette Nebula

Thought i'd give this another go after fiddleing around with Chris's images. I think it's alot better than my last attempt, the pretty version i done. Used Gimp but updated version which is a little easier to use and some extras all for free. Rick has given me the specs on this image and i was amazed he still uses film. Excellent results Rick
Equipment used are:- Classic C-8, Olympus OM-4, Chilled gas-hypered Kodak Royal Gold 100 film. 2 Hour hand guide expsoure using off axis guider. Then scanned in at 1200 DPI from large format print

G600 Colour Moon

Not had much chance to test this phone out properly but did manage a couple of shots. Taken on the 5 mega pixel option with 50% zoom and iso200. Scope used was the Celestron 4 Se with 26mm EP and 2xBarlow. Not bad, do like the way the colours came out in the images taken and all i had to do was fiddle a little in Gimp2 to bring them out more. Found my U600 was easier to use but might get some better results when i get more time to fiddle around with the settings. Unlike the U600 i had to use the Moon filter in some as it was just too bright, could just be a setting i haven't found yet.
Getting hooked on this mobile phone experminenting. Now what phone could i try next