Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Afocal Deep Sky Image's

At long last a decent clear night last night so I thought I'd try out some afocal shot's with a few deep sky target's. I do have a digital camera adapter but alas, my S4 Zoom doesn't seem to like it! Keep's shutting the camera down every time I try to use it! I am looking for another adapter but if the skies stay clear tonight I will try again.
I took all these handheld up to a 25 mm eyepiece and my 127 SLT Mak.
The Double Cluster I used ISO 1600, 5 sec exposure and Auto WB.
The Ring Nebula, ISO 3200, 8 sec exposure and Auto WB
The Andromeda Galaxy, ISO 400, 16 sec exposure, 1.6x Zoom and Auto WB
The Dumbell Nebula, ISO 1600, 10 sec exposure and Auto WB
And Lastly, Uranus, ISO 3200, 2 sec exposure and Auto WB.
I know they're not great but considering they're all handheld and with a mobile phone I'm pretty pleased. Now I'm going to try and see if I can get better result's with an adapter :).
The Double Cluster

The Ring Nebula

Andromeda Galaxy

The Dumbell Nebula


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Samsung S4 Zoom test shot's

I managed to get hold of a Samsung S4 Zoom and decided to try it out with some astro image's. The camera has manual control's which allows you to set everything except the EV. The max exposure is 16 sec's. It also has a number of smart setting's for long exposure's, I haven't yet had the chance to try them out.

Over the last week I've not had much of clear skies but I have managed to grab some Moon shot's, ISS and some constellation's image's. I'm quite impressed with it being it's only a phone! The only draw back I find is when I'm taking image's afocal the zoom doesn't like it, it crashes or refuses to focus, so I can't really get close up image's of the Moon like I can with my S3. Apart from that I'm pretty impressed :)

Here are some of the image's I've managed to get so far....Enjoy :)


Vega & Delphinus

Super Moon 10th August

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Constellations 2/8/14

Had some clear sky last night but not for long! Wanted to get another star trail but alas a lot of cloud rolled in (although it was suppose to be clear all night!). I managed to get a few Constellation image's instead before I had to give in. Took all with my Sony CyberShot, ISO 100, 30 sec exposure's and Infinity focus.
Hopefully I'll get a good Star Trail tonight, clear night so the weather say's.....
Altair & Delphinus



Deneb & Cygnus

Lacerta & Pegasus

Vega & Lyra