Monday, 26 May 2014

The Plough and Cassiopeia

Not had very good weather again...surprise surprise for England! Did manage to get a gap in the clouds last night and got a few image's. The Plough with a satellite, Cassiopeia and The Plough Startrail. Also I used the 83 15sec exposures that made the startrail  into a video using the same program that stacks the images to make a startrail. I think it gives something different, you can see the changes to the night sky, colour, motion of the star's etc. Enjoy :).......As I've just noticed the Video is 28 sec long but for some unknown reason Blogger seems to speed it up! To see the 28 sec version go to my Flickr page via the link on the right hand side.
                                          The Plough
                                          The Plough Startrail

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Constellation Images

Have a few new bits of equipment I've bought over the last few weeks, all at bargain prices,  compact camera, Sony Cybershot dsc v1. It has manual control as well as shutter & Aperture priority and can do up to 30 secs exposure's. Here are a few constellation shot's I've done over the last few weeks. I also tried some Startrails which I've put in a separate post below.

                                          Cygnus/Nothern Cross and Vega
                                          Hercules & Vega
                                          Saturn rising in Libra
                                          Jupiter in Gemini
                                          The Plough
                                          Mars in Virgo


Here are my attempts at Startrails. Can only do an hour as my battery can't hold out any longer. The 1st few were just short half hour attempts, 10 sec expsoure's each, to the last one where I managed to get an hour's worth of 10 sec expsoure's. I took as many photo's as I could and run them through a free program called Startrails. Very easy to use, just load all your images in and it does the rest for you!! I'll add a link under fav sites for anyone interested.